Our Projects

We love to solve challenging problems, ranging from Alzheimer's detection to global medical education. If you are interested in working with us, feel free to contact us.

Spring 2018

Alzheimer's Detection

We successfully implemented a full-stack application for predicting Alzheimer's disease from DICOM/NIFTI brain scan images. Collaboration with Darmiyan.

Spring 2018 - Present

Emerge Learning Live

In partnership with Stanford University School of Medicine and GVK EMRI, we are developing the first online education platform in South Asia. Currently hosted at: emergelearning.org

Fall 2018

Chatbot Dermatology

In partnership with FirstDerm, we created a conversational AI chatbot for classifying skin conditions based on user uploaded images.

Meet Our Team

Arjun Vasudevan


Alan Huang

VP External

Ethan Teo

VP Project Management

Samarth V.

VP Internal

Sean Dooher

VP Engineering

Ivy Li

VP Development

Danlin Lillemark

Project Manager

Adel Setoodehnia

Project Manager

Kara Liu

Project Manager

Aditya Nair

Software Developer

Subul Siddiqui

Software Developer

Ian Galbraith

Software Developer

Kevin Kang

Software Developer

William Yang

Software Developer

Adam Huang

Software Developer

Amanda Horacio

Software Developer

Manu Chopra

Software Developer

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